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November Sharing Session: Tangkuban Parahu, Kawan Atau Lawan?

The sharing session was conducted on the 9th of November in the Auditorium of the Geology Museum in Bandung and was open to the public in general. Before the start of the sharing session, a video about the Kars Rajamandala area by the Board of Geology was shown to the audience. Fossils and pre-historical records have been found in Gua Pawon, one of the caves in the area. However, the area is being threatened by mining activities around it. The video shows just how important the area is and that we should mitigate its threats to preserve it.

The sharing session started with an introduction of BDSG and what we do, which is to Learn, Share, and Volunteer. We explained our activities such as sharing sessions, school sessions, DRR-Young Exchange Program, and Campaigns, as well as our upcoming activities. After that the audience was asked to participate in an ice breaking game which is called the Bosai Duck, which is also a game that is used as a teaching method about disaster response to …