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The First BDSG Basic Training for New Volunteers!

As part of youth empowerment in disaster risk reduction, BDSG conducted a Basic Training in September 27, 2014 in its secretariat. This was aimed for reaching another milestone towards the sustainability of BDSG. Participants of the training consist of those who have joined BDSG activities a few times and those who were completely new to BDSG. 
It was the first training conducted formally by BDSG. Usually BDSG volunteers were informally trained along with their participation in activities. Those who were more active would automatically became more skilled in designing concept of activities, in communicating, or in delivering materials in the school sessions. But it was about time to involve more skilled and committed volunteers to implement more missions of BDSG, quantity-wise and quality-wise. Therefore BDSG started to formalize its recruitment process, capacity building activities, and volunteer structure. 
This basic training would be the first step of any interested person to become…