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BDSG-Bina Swadaya DRR Education at School

Saturday, 7 March 2015
Following the Training for Trainer(TFT) that BDSG and Bina Swadaya have conducted in October 2014, the DRR Education at school today took place in SDN Mekarsari 3 Depok, West Java. The school was selected because the location is close to Bina Swadaya office and the flood usually happens during the rainy season.  The school session involved 9 volunteers of BDSG and 15 facilitators from Bina Swadaya.
The session started at 08.30 am, around 70 of 5th grade students gathered on the school field for introduction and ice breaking. In this session the students played some games and were divided into 8 groups named after animals; Chicken, Tiger, Cow, Wolf, Duck, Goat, Cat,and Horse.

After the ice breaking, the groups were separated into 3 classrooms to start the sessions with volunteers and the facilitators. Today, we have 3 materials to share in the sessions. The first is the introduction of disaster. The students learned about earthquake, volcano, landslide and flood. T…