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BDSG Activities with KIDS from Kyoto University in West Java

BDSG hosted KIDS activities in Indonesia this year. In the previous years, KIDS used to conduct its activities in different cities in Indonesia, such as Yogyakarta, Aceh, Bali and Jakarta. But this year KIDS decided to conduct activities fully around Bandung. It was a very good opportunity for BDSG to develop its organization and gather more members through the cooperation with KIDS J KIDS members stayed with us for 10 days from the 21st of September to the 30th.
We had three main activities this year with KIDS: (1) Sharing our organizations’ view and experience through the International University Exchange Seminar which was organized by ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) and Toyohashi University, (2) conducting disaster education in four elementary schools in Bandung and Garut, and (3) implementing Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Homestay Program in Bandung and Ciwidey.  
The International University Exchange Seminar in which we presented our organizations was held in September 21 2011 in…

BDSG Activity with Wasend from Waseda University

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Students from Three Japanese Universities conducted Activities with BDSG in Bandung

In September 2011, we cooperated with students from three Japanese Universities, i.e. Kyoto University, Waseda University and Toyohashi University. With the three universities we had a session in Bandung where we exchange our thoughts about the role of youth in disaster risk reduction. This session is part of the International University Exchange Seminar which was held by Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and Toyohashi University. One of BDSG members, Priba, was the coordinator of this seminar.

BDSG cooperated with students from Kyoto University and Waseda University in disaster education activities for elementary school children. The students group from Kyoto University is called KIDS (Kyoto University Disaster Prevention School) and that from Waseda is called Wasend (Waseda Student Organization for the Education of Natural Disaster).

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