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Emergency Bag Campaign

Through DRR Homestay Program in Japan this Year, we were really moved by the real action taken by our host families. In each house, they have prepared emergency bags in case of disaster. Many people might have already known that emergency bag, which consists of various goods for at least 3 days, is important to be prepared. It's quite an easy thing to do, but not everyone is really doing it. In case of our host families, most of them were motivated to prepare after the 3.11 Tohoku Disaster. As for BDSG members, we are motivated after conducting DRR Homestay Program in those families. Here is our poster to invite everyone to prepare their own emergency bag.

Visit Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park

Firstly we assumed that this center is purely park. Yet, it is more than a park! This is our first time (BDSG) to come to a place like this, either for almost of WASEND members who accompanied us.
TRDPP is located in Odaiba, Tokyo. We visited main building which is a learning center. It has enjoyable game to learn about disaster. The center itself is located inside the park which is designed for evacuation place during disaster beside its contribution as green area for the city.

We were welcomed by a kind tour guide who explained us about the game. It is simulation game in emergency response phase after disaster.The simulation game is named 72 hours survival. We used Nintendo DS as a guide on this simulation, but it was not 72 hours because it's only simulation. Japanese government can combine a game and  education in one package which are BDSG and WASEND members could feel as if we were in a real situation after earthquake. 
The game made us to answer some questions from the Nintend…

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