Honjo Life Safety Learning Center- We should have it here!

First step we came in, we thought  of how has been this learning center with all its facilities built by the government to enrich the knowledge of the citizen in facing disaster, hence every visitor who has came here know how to survive when disaster happen. We believe someday Indonesia also has this center in every province, every city, and every district. Ganbattekudasai!

Every session in this learning center is NEW for us.We watched movie about Tohoku earthquake and its secondary disasters which is fire, how is the disaster looked from the sky, how firemen did the job, the rescue, and also the victims to survive.

We also practiced how to fight a fire with fire extinguisher together with WASEND member, very interesting. Then we tried simulation to face a rainstrom with 30cm/sec speed, really scary! We also tried to open door which is trapped by the flood while we were inside a car and inside a building, when there is 10 cm, 20 cm, and 30 cm of flood outside. The higher flood, the heavier we push the door. Interesting!

The best part is we try the situation 7 scale earthquake while we were inside the house and the furniture fallen down  to the floor, we were told what should we do at that time. We also experience to feel earthquake in high rise building.

In the end, the guide told us, that every furniture in this learning center has been set to be safety! They have secure it from broke down or move when disaster come to this area. Woww, cool. I (Tami) made a tagline for this institution, which is “experience the worst situations and learn basic skill to save your life from disaster”.

Another interesting issue is that you will never broke the car window by your hand, because they have designed it to be very powerful. So, You need a tool to break the window. They provide this tool as a souvenir, but quite expensive :)  Enjoying this life safety learning center is one of the best way to enhance your survival skills by  “Do-It-Yourself” method ;)  Red: Tami.


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