Afternoon Talk on Japan's recent Earthquake and Introduction of BDSG in ITB

Last Wednesday, 23 March 2011, KM (Keluarga Mahasiswa) ITB invited BDSG and students of ITB in a presentation on Japan's recent earthquake in Kanto-Tohoku region by an exchange student from Waseda University, Yuya Kishimoto, followed by the commencement of donation activities for Japan in ITB. Our group BDSG was given a chance to present in the beginning of the Afternoon Talk. On behalf of BDSG, Mizan, our coordinator, gave the introduction of BDSG with its mission and activities.

Yuya talked about the history of earthquakes in Japan as the opening remarks of his presentation. He further highlighted the positive Japanese spirit which supports them in facing the disaster. The proofs of this Japanese spirit were found through the statements collected through twitter.

In the discussion, several questions were raised regarding this, such as whether this disaster affects Japanese beliefs about God, how the Japanese people could establish such positive behavior (e.g. being tolerant to other people even during disaster) in their society, and about the disaster education in Japan. As for BDSG, we had an input to involve the government officials in our disaster education program, i.e. to educate government officials to be disaster-ready. Very good suggestion! We shall do it :)

This Afternoon Talk was also published in the ITB online news, thanks to the writer :)


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