Simulation of Cross Road Game

Crossroad game aims to help participants in the preparation for disasters within their communities. This game uses "Yes" and "No" cards, in order to answer a dilemmatic situation which could happen during the disaster event. With each person's argument and discussions, necessary disaster preparation could be defined.

Crossroad game items were based on real events during the Kobe earthquake in 1995. The items were created through interviews with those who really experienced Kobe earthquake, i.e. volunteers, government officers, and survivors.

We simulated this game in February 12, 2011. Here is the summary of the activity.

Number of participants:
Facilitator: Risye
Number of groups: 4 groups, each group consisted of 5 - 7 persons
Items played:

We played 2 items for 4 groups (two groups have the same one item).
1. Read the situation written in a piece of paper for each group
2. Each person decides to answer yes or no and put the yes or no card in the middle of the group
3. After all members of the group put their cards, the cards were disclosed. We counted how many answered yes and no in each group. The majority got a small candy.
4. Each member explained the reason of answering yes or no.
5. From each answer, there should be an assumption made due to the incomplete information in the situation. And those assumptions were noted and became the things which should be prepared by an individual or a community far before they meet such dilemmatic situation = disaster preparedness!
6. The minority got a chocolate if they could influence other members.
7. Conclusion and lessons learned presented by each group.

-- to be continued --


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