DRR Homestay Program: New Approach for DRR at Household Level

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Homestay Program, initiated by Risye and Mizan, our BDSG members, and developed together through BDSG - KIDS cooperation in September 2011, is a new approach to implement DRR efforts in household level which at the same time promotes friendship and mutual understanding among its participants. Here is the concept: 

To encourage disaster risk reduction in household level
To exchange positive values between Indonesian and Japanese culture in daily lives
      To enhance mutual understanding and friendship between students and Indonesian society

Main Activities
1.       Interaction between Japanese student and Indonesian student with the host family
2.       Assessment of vulnerability and capacity of the house
3.       Discussion and action to reduce disaster risks at home

1.       Light talk
Sit together with your host family and talk about the purposes of this homestay program (DRR)            
      2.       Build the sense of disaster risk reduction urgency
a.       Talk about disaster experience, direct or indirect, at home or outside
b.      Talk about various possible disaster occurred around home
      3.       Rediscover our home
a.       Members of the family & their ages, home address and phone number (ask the child)
b.      House mapping, identify exit doors and open space
c.       Favorite place at home (or the most visited place) of each member & time schedule
      4.       Is my home safe?
a.       Visit each family member’s favorite place at home
b.      In each place, identify:
                                                              i.      Vulnerability (physical, non physical)
                                                            ii.      Capacity (physical, non physical)
c.       For each place, discuss:
                                                              i.      Action to reduce vulnerability and to increase capacity
                                                            ii.      The safest way to the exit
                                                          iii.      What action will be done immediately
     5.       Do the Action 
      DRR Homestay Program is BDSG's original approach in our disaster risk reduction activities. Anyone may adopt this approach, but it is recommended to consult us first beforehand. We highly appreciate those who gives us feedback after trying out this approach. We are also trying to improve the method and tools used in this approach to be done better in the future. (ich)


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