Questionnaire Survey Facilitation on "Role of Youth Unions in Bandung Municipality, Indonesia In Enhancing the Resilience to Disaster"

On Saturday, 12th November 2011 BDSG facilitated a questionnaire survey initiated by Mrs. Farah Mulyasari which aimed to collect data about role of youth to enhance disaster resilience in Bandung City. This survey was held as a part of her process to get Doctoral Degree in Kyoto University, and this time BDSG, as an organization which concern is about disaster risk reduction, became her partner.

At this survey, there were 12 member of BDSG involved, who were divided into 10 facilitators (me,  Uly, Kokom, Aca, Cacan, Leits, Sapto, Danang, Capung, Alpian), facilitator coordinator (Iche), and 2 persons as admin (Cacan, and Caesar). Facilitators had to take care of almost 100 representatives of sub-district level  youth unions (Karang Taruna) and gave them explanation about the questionnaire, and admin had to handle on registration and certificates.

Now let’s turn to the substantial of the questionnaire. From what I knew, the questionnaire has 3 aims, which are:
1. To review the role of youth in their organizations to understanding the risk of disaster in their surroundings.
2. To review the role of youth in their organizations to implement their program which is related to enhance the disaster resilience
3. To review the role of youth in their potential position as an informant in the stage of pre, emergency response, and post disaster.

At the first step, these questionnaires focus on several parts, such as social, economic, and institutions. The participant of this survey (151 envoy of the sub-district youth unions) need to answered based on scope of their program which is related to enhance their resilience in social, economic, and institutions (pre, emergency, and post disaster). Afterward, there was a question about the frequency of the program they conduct in their region. Participants need to give a mark on the program given on the list, was it held per month, per 4 month, or per year. But, if there was any other time frequency, participants may give a note in the questionnaire.  

Next, the question was about the youth knowledge related to disaster, such as how the awareness about flood in their region, how to overcome that problem, etc. Also they need to answer about the sources information they get related to disaster such as from university book, bulletin, announcement, radio, television, newspaper, social network, government, etc. Between all of those sources, which sources are more trusted for them (in priority list), and media they want as an information sources, also what did they do after getting that information.

The last is about their wishing partners to collaborate. They need to make a priority between the given list of actors, i.e. non-governmental organization, government, education institutions, community organizations, and private.

Data from the questionnaire survey will be analyzed by qualitative analysis method, and in the end it can be concluded about regional youth organization characteristic and their influence in order to enhance disaster resilience.

Written by Pribasari Damayanti 


  1. I like it all just the way it is. Honestly. If anything, I guess I'd like to see more of your book reviews. I'm into that kind of thing, some aren't. Oh, and I also like the weekend links post. That is usually one of my favorites.

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