Workshop: Disaster and BDSG Members' Expertise

December 17th, 2011.. was the last BDSG official gathering in 2011. Next year BDSG will do better! :D

The first session of the gathering was a workshop lead by our supervisor, Saut Sagala, on the basic of "disaster" and the relationship with BDSG members' expertise.

In the beginning, we wrote one word which corresponds to each of the following points in a piece of paper (used paper, of course!)
1. Your immediate thoughts when hearing the word "disaster"
2. Name the most scary disaster to you
3. What causes (your answer) no.1

After we shared our answer and had a small discussion, we put our answers into these categories (in bigger papers): Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability, and Capacity.

The result of our categorization:
Hazard: gempa bumi (earthquake), gunung meletus (volcanic eruption), tsunami, badai (storm), alam (nature), besarnya (scale), mengejutkan (surprising), longsor (landslide)
Risk: korban (victim), nyawa (life), kerugian (loss), kehancuran (downfall), and merusak (destructive)
Vulnerability: ketidaksiapan (unpreparedness), ketidaktahuan (ignorance), panik (panic)
Capacity: pengetahuan (knowledge), Tuhan (God), tumbuhan (plants), budaya-kearifan lokal (culture-indigenous knowledge), lari (run)

Pengetahuan, Tuhan, lari, tumbuhan, budaya (kearifan lokal), Lari

Further, we discussed idea in which category each of our member's field of study is focusing on...  

Oceanography: hazard, to master the characteristics of tsunami, such as inundation, and how to reduce vulnerability. 
Architecture: capacity, design of earthquake-resistant buildings
Urban and Regional Planning: increase capacity from the point of view of spatial planning, coordinate with people from other fields
Communication: increase people's capacity to reduce the risk of disaster, communicate with people who deals with community regarding hazards 
Agriculture and Biology: knowledge about river system for flood hazard, knowledge on characteristics of various vegetation which could help reduce the risk of disaster, such as wood trees for landslide

All BDSG members are expert of their own field and should be shared within our organization to enrich and empower ourselves before contributing to society. One way to share is through our 'sharing session' :D Participating in BDSG means each member should study/ work hard in their own field because they have responsibility to share the knowledge (particularly those related to disaster) to the other members. 

Each member who participated this workshop was given a piece of paper to write their idea and to make commitments on how they would contribute their expertise through BDSG activities. 

-- to be continued --


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