BDSG-WASEND visit JMA (Japan Meteorogical Agency)

We (BDSG members) arrived a little bit late at JMA office, jet lag is the only reason to be achieved.. :P

 Okay ignore it and lets start, JMA is one of learning centers in Tokyo which has interactive media to help visitors to understand natural process on earth with sciences and technologies. Some of them are:
1. height measurement by counting length between heat limit of our body to the device.
2. explanation of ocean technology, earth science, shapes of water drop, and so on.
3. very small scale earthquake simulation table. It explains us process from the time when S signal came then followed by P signal. Between that time, people will get warning text automatically. We also feel the shake in small scale while we was seeing the wave reached our place and then a question came: "What would you do in that situation and that place?" 
4. tsunami simulation pound. It simulated how tsunami wave devastated coastal area. Tsunami is one wave caused by earth shake, whereas common waves are many waves caused by natural activities, they used to be wind.
5. we watched movies which explained us about tsunami and wind storm in easy way, also suggesting us what should we do in that situation.
6. and there, we also can play game, we named it 'saving lives game'. During disaster, we should save lives as much as we could. If you could do best, you won!
7. JMA also has documentation of earthquakes which have been happened in Japan, it's like a documentation map. (iid)


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