BDSG-WASEND Workshop in Japan

This workshop was held in the very first day of the Youth Exchange Program in Japan, 3 September 2012.
It aims to strengthen the cooperation between BDSG and WASEND members by exchanging information, knowledge and opinion regarding the disaster countermeasures in each country (Japan and Indonesia).

The workshop was participated by 19 people in total, 7 of them are BDSG members. Almost all of us did not really know each other since we discussed only by emails or chats and only a few of WASEND members who participated in the workshop visited Bandung last year. The workshop contents include:
1. Ice breaking, some of them related to DRR
2. Presentation by WASEND and BDSG
3. Presentation by the freshmen of WASEND --> very inspiring!
4. Presentation by Mr.Sakaki, the Director of Engineers withouth Borders, Japan (EWB-Japan)
5. Workshop, discussing and brainstorming on ideas that correspond the discussion on:
     a. Types of hazard in each selected home town of participants
     b. Various possible countermeasures
     c. How youth can contribute in the countermeasures

Overall the workshop was fun and useful to continue our cooperation as well as expanding such system to various youth groups. The details will be posted later.


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