DRR YEP 2013 Activity: Interesting Experience in Dangerous District

This is my first article for BDSG and I will talk about my recent homestay activity with BDSG members and our Japanese friends from WASEND in Jogjakarta last month. I was very excited because that was the first time I went to Jogjakarta. I did the homestay activity with our Japanese friends for 6 days. In that homestay activity, we done a lot of things, one of our missions in homestay activity was doing the DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) action. The action was taken in our host family’s house and involving all the members of host family.

In our nervously start (because that was our first DRR action!), we discussed about the emergency bag. After they got the knowledge about emergency bag, we moved forward to analyze the evacuation route that their house has. This action could help them if disaster happens because they already know how to escape to a safer place.

Another important thing besides knowing about evacuation route is to know how dangerous your house is, so 
we analyzed the vulnerability and capacity of the house. Of course the house needs change in many things but at that moment it remained that way. The most important thing was they got the knowledge about how to make the house safer.

Learn disaster to get better knowledge is one thing and have fun is another. Our Japanese friends cooked us a delicious and healthy Miso Soup and Oyakodon (both are Japanese food) and we shared some fun. For me, that was an amazing moment, done that entire thing in another district and another field that I learned a lot from there.



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