DRR YEP 2014 - Japan Phase Day #1


So, today we have arrived in Japan safe and sound. We are all so excited about this trip! 8 volunteers are ready to learn, share and have fun in Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka. We didn't have any schedule for today so we spent our day preparing each members for activities 1 week ahead then, we went to Port of Kobe Earth Quake Memorial Park. After the shocking moment of The Great Hanshin 19 years ago, Kobe ha salready fully recovered from the massive damage on its city. Here we can see nothing but another great city as it used to be. Except, at a little corner of the bay there's a place that left unrepaired and remain damaged. This place reminds us a lot about how disaster could harm us and also how important it is for us to prepare before it happens :)

That's all from me now! Stay tune for other updates here and facebook!




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