DRR YEP 2014 
to Japan
 Phase Day #3

Hallo everyone ...
konbanwa ^^ ...

Today we are very happy ..
because many important agenda that we was to do today .
for the first we visit to the earthquake museum , beside 8 volunteer from BDSG who come, there are hyeon (from korea) and fauzan ( from indonesia), fauzan has been living in japan for 2 years ..
wow cool ..
at least we meet with the indonesian people here :)
at the Nojima Fault Museum we have been watching videos together , the first video that we was to watch is about Great Hansin ( the biggest earthquake that was happen in Kobe for 19 years ago) and it costed a heavy damage .
and then for the next place we looked about learning room for anticipate earthquake and tsunami , about the magnitude, and etc .
And for the second place we went to JICA building , to lunch halal's food together and after that we went to exhibition room that there are so many country who have a ceration with JICA ...JICA
and on 3.00 pm, Lucki, Laksma and Oya must go to Kyoto to Homestay, and for me and Rifa, we must go back to Kobe for check in homestay . and fauzan accompany us to go there .
when in Kobe, in Hankyul Sannomiya , we buy a ticket to go to Hankyul Mikage to meet Haruna ( the member of RMC who the owner of the home that we will homestay ) ..
and on 06.10 pm we meet Haruna in Hankyul Mikage , and it's the first i meet her , she is a very kind and smart , Haruna want us to introduce her mom, and her mom is very kind for us , after that , we went go to the supermarket to buy material for the dinner ,.

And when we arrived home, OMG that was so amazing when her father prepared the dinner for us ( oww, so kindly) .. and when we ate dinner together ,we sharing about chronoloy Haruna's Family when they faced the earthquake ..
Many incident happened , every people felt so scared , .
and after we sharing about that , we discuss about endurance of the house that we stayed ..
and maybe that's all from me , see you next time ..

cheers ,
Dian ^^


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